Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My morning prayer....

Lord God, I know that you will be with me from this moment that I started my day, until the end of this day. I pray that you will direct all the things that I do, all the decisions that i will make. May you direct me with all the things that i now plan in mind because i trust that your will is greater than whatever things i can think of.

May all the words that come out of my mouth, things that run thru my brains, and echoes that i listen to are all acceptable to You...

Thank you for all Your blessings. In Jesus name i pray..


Monday, August 31, 2009

Importance of Planning

Why should you plan? What needs to be planned? Why is planning important?

Planning is so important in all aspect of human being. Will it be at home, at work, and everywhere in your day to day living; it is very important to plan everything.

At home, you plan what you will do, what you will cook, what you will wear, who will wash the dishes, who will wash the clothes, what time will you wake up and what will you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are so many things you need to plan to do... But not all things that you planned will be followed.

For instance, you planned to wake up at 6am in the morning, you set up the alarm clock, then it buzz you... it's your plan to wake up at that time, but did you really woke up? hahaha! That's too early.. I'm just two blocks away from the office and my work starts at 8. Gimme another 10 minutes... Okay?

So, what happened to your plan? That's just a simple instance that plans have been taken for granted.

But you know, it's so much important to plan. Plan what you need to do. Plan the steps you will undertake. Plan... Plan and.. Plan.... But as much as planning is importance; it's much more important to WORK your PLAN...

Office - How to start First Day of the Week

First day in the office. Thinking... Planning... What will be my plans for this week? For this day?

I have so many things to do... But first, i need guidance from God of how i will start to do everything. All things that i need to do will make sense and will be successful if only I will start by praying for HIM to direct me to do all these things.

Introducing Myself

I am Jacqueline Mananquil Ravelo born in the town of Mariveles, Bataan in June of 1980. I'm a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering at University of the East.

Okay. That's some of the background that i have. But how should i introduce my real self... Hmmnnn... Let me think... think.. think...

Just call me Jhen for short. It's my nickname. I love singing, playing keyboards, surfing the net, playing with my baby, etc. etc. etc...